My Thoughts On WordPress 2.3 and

In the past, I had signed up for a account, but never took advantage of it. I don’t understand why I did not, but I felt the need to sign up again. So here I am. I decided that I would quickly write some of my thoughts on WordPress 2.3 and

WordPress 2.3

WordPress 2.3 is quite a step forward. On my technology blog, Tech In Demand, I just upgraded this past week. The upgrade went smoothly. I have no complaints really.

I do enjoy the integrated tagging support, the improvements to the editor, and all the other improvements. So in the end, I am glad that I upgraded. is a great site. This is one of the best and easiest ways to get a professional looking blog of your own for free. There are still some improvements that are needed to be made, but for right now, the service is doing well. I would be interested in trying out TypePad to see how that service compares to

There are some caveats: space is limited, customization options are lacking (unless your willing to pay), and generating money from your blog can be difficult. These are only minor issues though. also has another great benefit: if in the future you decide to get your own site you can easily export all your posts to your new blog.


2 responses to “My Thoughts On WordPress 2.3 and

  1. I’m currently comparing blog platforms by building blogs on, TypePad, and SquareSpace.

    You can see a running commentary of “BlogCastGirl’s 2008 Blog Platform Challenge,” my experience at the three different sites, starting with Click on the “Comparing Blogs Page” ( for an index of posts that guide you through all three platforms.

    For ease of use, I like TypePad.
    > It has a great control panel that lays out the major components of a blog in an easy-to-understand manner.
    > It has a clean look and feel.
    > It is pre-packaged with software, hosting, and support together. I would prefer a “blog-in-a-box” over buying each service separately, plus a tech to ride herd. This is why Squarespace is on my list (but it isn’t doing well).
    > Typepad doesn’t have horizontal navigation for pages that I have found. I sent in a question to support to find out if I can get it.

    For user navigation, I like WordPress.
    > People seem to find it first. I have only had comments on this site, none of the others.
    > It has horizontal navigation, which enables me to create a “blogsite” with static pages.
    > I checked it on an optimization validator and it had no errors, TypePad had 15, and Squarespace had 8.
    > I like’s stats. The presentation of statistics on TypePad and Squarespace is cleaner looking, but I still preferred WordPress. Squarespace has really spiffy graphs that spin-forth before your eyes, but other things hold it back.
    > I am crossing my fingers that upgrading to would enable me to keep the things that I like while customizing and monetizing in the long-run. Any input on this point? Should I stay camp at TypePad?

    At the point, my blogs are demos, and lack the functionality that you currently have. My next foray is to build a blog on already pre-installed at a hosting service.

  2. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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