I’ve Been Hard At Work

I have been working on a fairly ambitious article for the WordPress.com community.  It should be a great resource to amateur bloggers. Check it out if your hanging around here.

In other news, Drupal released the 4th release candidate for Drupal 6.  This is supposedly going to be the real last release (the 3rd was supposed to be the last). I am excited about that, and I keep getting new design ideas for the new site. Most of these ideas come up right before I end up sleeping.

Speaking of sleep, it is something I need to get to doing right now, but I must say that it is pretty amazing what will go through my head while trying to make an entry to dreamland. I actually had this amazing idea for a new social network, and it was something so unique and crazy. I just know it would be a hit.  The only problem is that I forgot most of what it was. I am guessing that I might have actually been dreaming while thinking about it.

It annoys me as I have been trying to get it back in my mind, but it just isn’t coming to me.  I am sure people have these types of moments, but they particularly annoy me as I experience them so often. Oh well, maybe I will dream about my other dream with a new dream in a few minutes?

To-do list:

  • Track how many people have subscribed to this blog
  • Work out the details with my new site design for Tech In Demand
  • Make it through the rest of this weekend
  • Figure out what time the Pro Bowl comes on television tomorrow

That’s all for now. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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