Live Mobile Video Broadcasting Is The Future

So you think YouTube is interesting? How about something new like live video broadcasting from your mobile phone? A few years ago this seemed unlikely to happen anytime soon—even today it is quite difficult to pull it off. One service aims to change that though.

Qik lets you broadcast video live from your mobile device for free. You can stream and store video directly from your phone on the Qik site. You can even communicate with people who are viewing your live broadcast. The catch? The service currently only supports Nokia phones, unfortunately.

I have wireless service from Verizon, but they only supports CDMA, not GMS, and that means that I can’t unlock a Nokia phone to use on Verizon’s network. Regardless, if you happen to have a Nokia phone — not to mention an unlimited data plan! — be sure to give Qik a shot. If you end up using it, be sure to post a comment about it, and let me know the link to your profile so I can check it out.

I must also point out that Live Video and Yahoo Live are new live streaming sites.  Stickam and uStream also allow similar features, but have been around longer. These services do not support mobile phones, but I see it as a natural progression. It is only a matter of time.


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