A Few Useful WordPress Formatting Tips

Being a WordPress user means you have to deal with a few quirks of the CMS. Some of the functionality in WordPress just does not operate like it should, and some more of it is hidden away. Two of the three tips I am about to share with you I just learned about. Hopefully these will be of use to some of you.

Multiple Pages

Do you write articles that seem to go on forever? This feature will help you break up your content. By typing in <!--nextpage--> within the code view, you will break up your content into multiple pages.  Simply enter in the “nextpage” tag whenever you want to start another new page. I recently found this feature, and I intend on using it right now for testing purposes.

Be sure to click on the next page!


3 responses to “A Few Useful WordPress Formatting Tips

  1. …hasn’t the code view been there for awhile?…

  2. Code view has always been there, but since the visual editor was created, most people probably have never even looked at it.

  3. haha i usually over-write so thats a cool new feature ill have to use 😮

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