So It Began–My Work For Performancing

I have posted my first article for Performancing.  It took quite a lot of work, particularly because I wanted to make my first article as perfect as can be.  It appears I did in fact make a good impression as my article is the most popular for the day so far—even beat the Darren Rowse interview (he owns ProBlogger and co-founder of b5Media—probably one of the few 7 figure bloggers in existance).

Regardless, I am happy with the results.  I think it is the start of a great time contributing to Performancing, and I am thrilled about it all.

In other news, I am still prepping Tech In Demand for a move to the new server.  I’m still somewhat worried that once I move everything over that my time at the VPS servier is going to turn into a hellish nightmare.  I’m usually optimistic about things, but I haven’t the slightest idea about moving a server and content.  What makes it worse is there is absolutely no support for me on this either.

Trying to think of the worst case scenarios, I came up with the following possibilities:

  1. The server completely fails and my site just comes up as a blank white page or something else
  2. The server works, but the movement of all the data becomes a nightmare and WordPress fails to work.  It then displays a white page or something else.
  3. The move goes well at first, but after awhile of enjoying myself, I realize that there is some error in a database or something else that completely compromises any new data I put on the site.

I think that all of those cover the basis for worst case scenario.  If anything worse happens, I will just be living a nightmare.  Other than that, hopefully everything goes well during the transition!

In other news, I have been bouncing back and forth through my mind trying to decide which MacBook I want to purchase.  More on that later though.


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