Checking Out Some Tech Toys At Best Buy

Ah, the store I hate oh so much because of annoying customer service representatives is where I was last night.  I managed to listen in on an employee who spent around 20 minutes explaining the differences between a Mac and Windows operating system while I was playing on a Macbook.  He completely made most of that crap up, but if I was an average Joe, I would have fell for it.

I especially loved the part where he said that “the MacBook crashes just as much as the PC.”  I will be the judge of that.  I am the king of crashing computers.  Trust me when I say it is not something I am proud of.  I just manage to find ways to break stuff.

I don’t intend on installing a bunch of crap on my MacBook, but for the first time around, I will probably install a crap-load of applications to test them out at first, and then I will reinstall Mac OS X 10.5.  It will be for business purposes only.  I did notice, unfortunately, that the MacBook Black will easily get beyond dirty with a few touches.  To put it simply, it will blend to my room perfectly.

Rock Band

I saw some people playing Rock Band on the Xbox 360.  My sister’s husband has that.  I’m going to check it out one day.  I think I will like playing the drums.  I watched a few YouTube videos of other people playing, and I think some of those levels are insanely difficult.  Oh well, it looks like good fun.

Verizon Voyager

It was only a dummy model, but I now know what a Verizon Voyager looks like.  It is smaller than I imagined, but I really like how it can flip open with access to a full QWERTY keyboard.  When the Verizon Wireless contract is up, that might be my phone when I re-sign with the company.  We shall see.


My sister had an iPod Nano, but exchanged it for an iPod Classic.  I think the iPod Nano is much more interesting to look at, but I would be afraid of losing such a small device.  I wish I had thought of purchasing a MacBook last month.  I could have received a free iPod with my purchase at the Apple Store.  Oh well.

Nintendo DS Lite

I saw the Nintendo DS Lite again a few times.  I don’t really know if I want one, but I just think it would be cool to play around with.  I really enjoy the Brain Age games on it.  I also think that once I get my laptop, my PSP will be 100% absolutely useless to me.  I only purchased one game with the PSP, and I hated it.  What a waste of money it was.


Oh, and CompUSA is still open!  It has nine days left before the store closes.  I wish I had taken a picture with my camera phone; it was just amazing—and somewhat depressing—to see the store in that state.  They had 20% off of the MacBook Black.  I, unfortunately, did not have enough credit to charge for it though.


Anyways, it is now nearly 9 AM.  How many hours of sleep might you ask?  Zero!  It is time to change that.


3 responses to “Checking Out Some Tech Toys At Best Buy

  1. The trick with the Best Buy employees (hell any electronic store employees) is to talk bigger than they do…such as if you know what you want–and researched it (which I’m sure you did) you sound much more intelligent than they previously thought you were about everything and they get irritated and leave you alone…or at least in my experiences in electronic stores thats how it goes down b/c they are not interested in shoppers that they can’t over sell to and they leave you be until checkout time…

    …hope you had sweet dreams…

  2. Hehe, he wasn’t talking to me. He was talking to a guy standing beside me. The guy seemed annoyed to. The Best Buy employee wouldn’t shut up. About 20 minutes later, he stopped, and the guy almost ran away from him.

  3. lol I would have ran away too…

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