jQuery–Write Less, Do More

jQuery Impressing Me

The jQuery JavaScript library is quite an impressive set of tools to play around with. While some people flat out hate Ajax on websites, I tend to enjoy it when used in a meaningful manner. For example, making a ton of content available within a tabbed interface would be proper usage. I also have begun appreciating carousels that appear on websites which feature content. I am currently trying my best to learn the library through and through.


The jQuery library allows those who have had very little experience with JavaScript the opportunity to jump right in and make cool things. It is impressive because it allows you to access all the functions with the minimum amount of code.

Say, for example, that you want to hide any URL link—stuff between <a href=”blah.com”>whatever</a> elements—that is clicked. The following code can accomplish all of that:

$(“a”).click( function () { $(this).hide(); }

All this basically says is find all <a> elements on the page, and when clicked, hide them. It can’t get much more simple than that. I think most people can imagine the varying results if “click” was replaced with “load” or “hover.” More and more sites are starting to use jQuery, and even content management systems like Drupal are fully integrating it.  It truly is a good thing.

The jQuery library has huge potential, and I am glad to see more sites adopting it as a part of their design process. Again, the key is to use it only when necessary. If your site’s focus is on text content, have jQuery compliment it and not a distract from it.  It can be a powerful combination.


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