YouTube Experiment—Three or More Videos Uploaded Per Day For 30 Days

Once I get my MacBook Pro—yes, I know I keep mentioning a MacBook Pro—I am going to attempt to post three or more videos every day for the next 30 days. Call it an experiment of some sort. With my new laptop, I should be able to easily upload videos via Quick Capture. I’m attempting to do this for a few reasons, but mostly it is just because I want to see if I can pull it off.

The reasoning behind all this? I have seen people who have uploaded at least five 5 – 10 minute videos per day, everyday, for a very long time now. I think they are insane. With all the freedom I have, I can’t even find the time to make one video within the past several months. I know that most of the people I watch actually have typical day jobs. I just can’t imagine doing something like that. I have to at least attempt it.

The quick capture feature will—hopefully—be a go for the MacBook’s iSight camera. If not, I may have to adjust the rules and goals slightly. I did see other users successfully using Quick Capture though, so I am confident that things will go smoothly with that regard. I have set up a few rules and goals for me to follow as well.

The Rules

  1. I must aim to post at least three videos every day in a 30 day time period.
  2. If I fail to reach three videos during any day, I must make up the required amount within three days.
  3. If at any point I end up behind more than six videos, I fail the experiment.
  4. Videos must be at least one minute in length to count. Preferably longer than that, but the point is to actually provide videos with some purpose.

The Goals

  • Have 100 new videos uploaded within 30 days.
  • Have at least 5 of these videos generate video responses.
  • Have an average of 50 views per video.
  • Have an average of at least 5 comments per video.
  • Have at least three videos reach over 1,000 views.
  • Have at least two videos reach over 5,000 views.
  • Have at least one video reach over 10,000 views.

Questions To Be Answered

  1. Can I pull it off?
  2. Will I gain more subscribers than I did previously with posting videos on an irregular basis?
  3. Will I lose any subscribers?
  4. Will view counts be reasonable?
  5. Will people comment?
  6. What will be the general consensus by others of what I am doing?
  7. Will this affect my work? (If so—how and why?)
  8. Will this be considered as work or fun to me?

Knowing me, I will probably be yapping about something related to technology most of the time. It might be a few weeks before I start this experiment, but I will keep everyone updated!


3 responses to “YouTube Experiment—Three or More Videos Uploaded Per Day For 30 Days

  1. interesting….I can’t wait :p you could start with a Tagged video 🙂 lol :p lol only reason I don’t post videos is because well Windows Movie Maker is a piece of shit…

  2. I’ll probably start with me filming the unboxing of my MacBook. Then I’ll probably post a video of me trying to test the Quick Capture feature on the built in iSight. Then I’ll probably post a video about my initial reactions to becoming a Mac user 😛

    After that, I will probably do the tagged video.

  3. lol woot! can’t wait 🙂

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