Personal Blog Statistics For February 2008

I figured I would take some time to show everyone how my blog has been performing.  This is not to show off or anything of the sort.  I just figured I would post these to keep a personal goal set.  I like having people read my blog, after all.  Overall, things seem to be on the up side.

Anyways, on to the stats!


As might be obvious, I didn’t start blogging again until around the 10th of this month.  Things took off after that.  My best day only happened three days ago.  I believe I am experiencing growth.  However, I can’t properly tell if people are subscribing to my feed.  I get notifications of around eight people coming from Google Reader, but I only ever see two or three subscribers.

Oh well—I think it is a great start.  I just figured I would share all that with you.  I will probably make this a monthly thing.  If you happen to stumble upon this post, why not share your numbers for the month of February?  I think it would be interesting to see how many people visit blogs.

I never really intend on making money with this blog, but I don’t mind having people read, of course.  Having people read it motivates me to keep going with it. That is good enough for me!  That is why I enjoy writing.  I appreciate anyone with an open mind.  It is all about respect! 🙂

In the past, I have had a habit of not keeping up with my blogs.  However, I am so glad that people are reading this.  As long as people will read, I will keep it up!


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