An Obsession So Great—Twitter

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Okay, so it is almost an understatement to say that Twitter has become my new obsession. It has simply changed my way of thinking when it comes to the social web. Twitter is a glimpse into the future, and while it isn’t perfect (information overload comes to mind), it is fascinating to be in touch with others.

My Twitter account has quickly grown, and I think I am going to end up having over 100 followers by the end of the month, but it is even more fascinating how I can get answers, ideas, and feedback in an instant from people.  I just absolutely love knowing what my friends are up to at this very moment.  Sure there are those people that can abuse Twitter, but beyond those few that abuse it, I just absolutely love it.

If you want to be my friend on Twitter, please feel free to follow me.  If you seem like an interesting person, I will surely follow you back (especially if your a tech geek like me).  I try to post links to interesting stories that relate to web 2.0, technology, and blogging.  I might just turn out to be a valuable resource!

Oh, and I just wanted to appologize for not posting all that much recently.  My new obsession has taken away from personal blogging time, but I think things have calmed down.  I am back!


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