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My Journalistic Desires

After talking to Eric Hagerman, a writer for Wired and Popular Science, I have been motivated to study journalism.  It is a topic that I have never formally studied.  It is, however, a good topic to have knowledge about.  I really want to contribute to a popular magazine, but I would possibly need to demonstrate an ability to write journalistic content.  So, that is exactly what I intend on doing with Tech In Demand.

I am planning on heading out to Barnes & Noble later on today (if the weather agrees) to find some good books on the subject of journalism.  After a quick search online, I have found many books on the topic.  I know of three that I am going to be checking out:

  • Associated Press Guide to Newswriting: The Resource for Professional Journalists—Rene J.J. Capone
  • How to Write Articles for Magazines and Newspapers—Dawn B. Sova
  • Writing for Magazines: A Beginners Guide—Chryl Sloan Wray

I’m sure there are others, but I will be on the hunt for those in particular.  However, if anyone else has any suggestions, please let me know of them.  I will be glad to check them out.

Once I learn the concepts of journalism, I will try my best to demonstrate them on Tech In Demand.  The “blogs” section will be reserved for personal opinion, but the actual zones of the site will be for journalistic content.

Assuming all goes well, I will then attempt to get an article published in a small or large magazine—it depends on how confident I am feeling.

Again, if you have any advice on books or resources for studying journalism, please let me know in the comments section.  It would be greatly appreciated!


I Want To Get Published In A Magazine Like Wired, PC World, or PC Mag.

Time for another one of my goals in life that I am determined to accomplish—I really want to get an article published in a magazine. The reasoning behind it is simple really—I have always thought it would be exciting to be the person that writes all those articles which hundreds of thousands of people read. I don’t think that this is an unreachable goal either.

There is just something about the idea of getting something I write published in a traditional medium that intrigues me. When I was younger, I had dreamed that I would be the one in the back of the magazine writing all the product reviews for games and gadgets.

I wouldn’t mind having my own column; however, I would simply be satisfied with having anything I write displayed in a magazine. I consider this as one of my goals in life. I want to get something of mine published in a major print media form.

I’ve been doing a tiny bit of research on how I would accomplish this, but it seems similar to a job application. I would pitch my idea to the correct editor, and basically I would explain why it would be a good article for the magazine and its readers. If the idea is accepted, I would be assigned the job. After that, I would be writing.

Apparently, freelance magazine writers make anywhere from a few cents to several dollars per word.  Nice chunk of change in my opinion.  Although, I am not interested in becoming a freelance magazine writer. Just interesting little factoid to know about.

Anyways, I just wanted to get that out of my system.