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WordPress.com Version 2.5 Upgrade Completed

Following the release of the official WordPress v2.5 standalone version recently, WordPress.com has followed suit by upgrading their users to the new version as well. The interface has been completely redesigned, and the back-end has received a myriad of improvements. This release of WordPress is said to be the largest release in quite awhile.

It was only a few hours ago when I opened up my blog’s administrator interface and was greeted by the new 2.5 version of WordPress. First thoughts? I was shocked they upgraded WordPress.com so quickly after the release. I figured that the WordPress.com team would wait until the public played with the 2.5 version of WordPress for a few weeks just incase someone could find any serious issues.

Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress, stated on GeekBrief.tv that this release of WordPress is “probably the largest release of WordPress in about two years.” He continued by making everyone aware of several other improvements to the WordPress content management system:

  • A redesigned back-end
  • Richer media features
  • Built-in image galleries
  • One-click plugin upgrades

Regardless, everything seems to be going smoothly so far, and while it might require a few people to get adjusted, these improvements appear to be for the better.

Unfortunately, it appears that there are still some issues with Mac operating systems not being able to properly resize images, but perhaps this issue is going to be fixed soon.

Overall, I’d say that the community and developers are pleased with the results. WordPress continues to grow.


I Am Back!

I have my laptop, I have my mind, and I have no pain.

It is all good, and it is time to get back to work.

Daily blogging will resume from this point forward!  Hurray!

Personal Blog Statistics For February 2008

I figured I would take some time to show everyone how my blog has been performing.  This is not to show off or anything of the sort.  I just figured I would post these to keep a personal goal set.  I like having people read my blog, after all.  Overall, things seem to be on the up side.

Anyways, on to the stats!


As might be obvious, I didn’t start blogging again until around the 10th of this month.  Things took off after that.  My best day only happened three days ago.  I believe I am experiencing growth.  However, I can’t properly tell if people are subscribing to my feed.  I get notifications of around eight people coming from Google Reader, but I only ever see two or three subscribers.

Oh well—I think it is a great start.  I just figured I would share all that with you.  I will probably make this a monthly thing.  If you happen to stumble upon this post, why not share your numbers for the month of February?  I think it would be interesting to see how many people visit WordPress.com blogs.

I never really intend on making money with this blog, but I don’t mind having people read, of course.  Having people read it motivates me to keep going with it. That is good enough for me!  That is why I enjoy writing.  I appreciate anyone with an open mind.  It is all about respect! 🙂

In the past, I have had a habit of not keeping up with my blogs.  However, I am so glad that people are reading this.  As long as people will read, I will keep it up!

The Future Of Website Hosting

I am fairly disappointed with the service I have received from CirtexHosting. There is only so much you can expect for around $60 a year, but the inconsistency of the service is beyond reasonable.

Web hosts often overload their servers by stuffing many accounts on one single server. Some servers have over 250 – 350 accounts on them. Imagine 350 people trying to use one computer in a store at the same time. It is nearly impossible, right? This is the basic concept that shared website hosting companies apply today. Things are going to go wrong.

You get what you pay for. That is true in so many ways in life. This is true with website hosting. The point is that if anyone is going to be creating a website that is intended on making money, please make a decent investment on a reliable webhost. Do your research. Check out HostJury, which I believe to be an honest resource for hosting reviews. A webhost offering 5GB of storage for $50 a month will in all likelihood be substantially more reliable than a webhost that offers 500GB for the same price.

I will be switching away from CirtexHosting to something more reliable for Tech In Demand. I’m considering Site5, Steadfast Networks, A Small Orange, and SYN Hosting. If anyone has any suggestions or personal experiences with web hosts, I will be glad to hear/read them. Please leave a comment about your experiences with web hosts.