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Automatically Change Your Mac’s Background Wallpaper

I have recently installed a nifty application called Desktoptopia, and I am fairly impressed with the usefulness and quality this application provides.  It used to be a pay-for application, but now it is free.  Desktoptopia essentially gives you the ability to subscribe to pictorial feeds, and with this ability, you can keep your desktop fresh with new and changing content.

This video, unfortunately, does not show off the ability to subscribe to feeds of pictures, but it is an awesome functionality.  I mean, for example, if you go to a Flickr group, then go to all the pictures contained within that group, and finally click on the “pool” feed near the bottom of the page, you can paste that link to the feed into Desktoptopia and have those pics streaming to your desktop in no time.

There is a catch—Desktoptopia seems to be integrating a way to make money from their efforts, but I can’t knock them for that.  The application reserves a special feed for advertisers.  I have a “films” feed activated that I can not disabled, and I am certain that hollywood would appreciate the opportunity to advertise on our desktops.  I hope it won’t be too distracting, and there were no pictures in that group at the time of testing the application, but it seems a small price to pay (especially if the advertiser’s backgrounds are cool) for a great application.

There is an alternative, and that would be DeskLickr which I have previously used as well.  Unfortunately, the application will work for awhile, but then the pictures will stop rotating for some unknown reason. I have yet to figure out why, but if any of you have experienced the same issue, then please let me know.  It does work as advertised, but that minor quirk with it is fairly disappointing.


My Favorite Sites To Visit On A Daily Basis

Nowadays, with the advancements in feed technology that delivers content to users, it is becoming more and more common for users to skip visiting websites entirely. Feed readers—like Google Reader—are delivering the goods now. For someone like me, it is essential to be able to view the content without the fat. However, there are still sites I tend to visit on a daily basis. This should give you some insight on what I am looking at on the web on a daily basis.


This site really requires no introduction. YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the web right now. It practically requires a visit to make use of it. Most video sharing sites incorporate content/media feeds to get videos delivered, but you just won’t get the overall feel without visiting the site. I have visited YouTube on a daily basis for almost two years now, and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.


Something about the Wired site design just makes me want to visit it. I just love it. That is why the new design for Tech In Demand is being modeled from the Wired design. When you have a site design that just makes you want to visit the site, you know you have something special. Great job Wired, and I am sure I will be visiting. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the site has some killer content too—actually, I was just kidding as the content is flat-out amazing!


Alright, I have been slacking lately on Facebook, but I always tend to visit the increasingly popular social networking site. It really is the best place to network with friends. After all, who needs MySpace? Until something even more impressive comes along, I will consider Facebook as one of my favorite social networks; that, or until the company does something incredibly stupid.


Hulu is a recent discovery for me, but I love going to the site and investigating all the television shows that I have never seen before. Doogie Howser, M.D. would be my latest discovery. I think of Hulu as the professional broadcast version of YouTube. The site’s design could be more efficient, but it is sufficient for now. It all just works.


Probably my most hated but most used site, Stickam allows multiple users to interact via video and audio at the same time. It is a first of its kind, but unfortunately, it is becoming quite poor in functionality and stability. I am sure another company will step up to overtake the commanding position that Stickam has, and that can’t happen soon enough. Unfortunately—until that day comes—I am stuck with Stickam.


Not only is Wikipedia one of my favorite sites to visit on a daily basis, it is my favorite site of all sites ever invented. The site is literally priceless. If you have never visited a Wikipedia entry, then there is something wrong with you. It is just an amazing resource for research and information. I just can’t express in words how much I appreciate its existence.

Honorable Mentions:

I am sure there are more, but this was just a list of the sites I could think about off the top of my head. All these sites really offer benefits to for their visitors. Those types of sites are obviously the ones that are going to get the most page views. Regardless, I am sure I will think of more. I will update this list later on if I think of anything.

I am always interested in learning about new websites. So, why don’t you tell me what are your favorite sites to visit on a daily basis?