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Automatically Change Your Mac’s Background Wallpaper

I have recently installed a nifty application called Desktoptopia, and I am fairly impressed with the usefulness and quality this application provides.  It used to be a pay-for application, but now it is free.  Desktoptopia essentially gives you the ability to subscribe to pictorial feeds, and with this ability, you can keep your desktop fresh with new and changing content.

This video, unfortunately, does not show off the ability to subscribe to feeds of pictures, but it is an awesome functionality.  I mean, for example, if you go to a Flickr group, then go to all the pictures contained within that group, and finally click on the “pool” feed near the bottom of the page, you can paste that link to the feed into Desktoptopia and have those pics streaming to your desktop in no time.

There is a catch—Desktoptopia seems to be integrating a way to make money from their efforts, but I can’t knock them for that.  The application reserves a special feed for advertisers.  I have a “films” feed activated that I can not disabled, and I am certain that hollywood would appreciate the opportunity to advertise on our desktops.  I hope it won’t be too distracting, and there were no pictures in that group at the time of testing the application, but it seems a small price to pay (especially if the advertiser’s backgrounds are cool) for a great application.

There is an alternative, and that would be DeskLickr which I have previously used as well.  Unfortunately, the application will work for awhile, but then the pictures will stop rotating for some unknown reason. I have yet to figure out why, but if any of you have experienced the same issue, then please let me know.  It does work as advertised, but that minor quirk with it is fairly disappointing.


I’ve Made Up My Mind–I Am Purchasing A MacBook

Yes, yes, I am crossing over to the dark side!  Muahahahahaha chokes. Ah, but yes, I am going to be purchasing a MacBook soon.  Long have I been stuck in a Windows world where stuff breaking is the norm.


Bubble BoyI’m tired of the driver errors, the blue screens of death, the security flaws, the Microsoft genuine advantage, and the feeling of always being second class with the evil Windows machines.  I’d love to run Linux to avoid the pain, but even my computer’s hardware doesn’t want to play nice.  It just feels like being stuck behind a bubble that will not burst!

No more I say!  I am finished with this wretched operating system that has given me nightmares of nuclear destruction due to a critical system error!  No more I say!  I am through with being under Microsoft’s control!  No more!

In a few short weeks, I will be celebrating my MacBook, and sure it will be somewhat of a struggle to break my years as a Windows user.  It will not be easy, and there might be some frustrations along the way. However, once the dust clears and the screen shines, my perspective on computing will be forever changed.

Macbook Black

All this for a mere $1399.  Yeah, it is expensive—well okay, it is very expensive, but if I’m going to pay $999 for a MacBook, I might as well toss in $400 more and get the whole nine yards.  With that in mind, it will be one of my most expensive investments ever.  Until that time, unfortunately, I am stuck looking through only a window.