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Today Was A Good Day

I will not lie, the past few days have been a bit iffy with work and such.  Relationships that I thought were okay immediately got horrible, and things were said that should not have been said.  Needless to say, I worked through it, but the other party was having a very rough time with regards to finances and stress.

Anyways, I woke up today with an email from Ryan Caldwell, the guy who runs Performancing, and he left me notice that my co-worker has decided to step down from his position.  I was fairly indifferent, to be honest, but it was only when I continued to read on Ryan’s question of if I had any suggestions for a replacement that the day got really good.

Jeff Chandler of Jeffro2pt0 and Weblog Tools Collection was the first name to come to mind. It is fairly ironic that it was only the day before when we were discussing the idea of Jeff working for Performancing. For now, it appears that this day will come true beginning next Monday.

I am glad because I will be working with someone that I know I can trust. This also provides me a morale boost because I like being surrounded by good people, and it will result in better work being put out. This, also, ultimately benefits Performancing and Splashpress Media.

The month of June will be an interesting one indeed, and I hope my new co-worker, Jeff, will be able to adjust to the new spotlight.


So It Began–My Work For Performancing

I have posted my first article for Performancing.  It took quite a lot of work, particularly because I wanted to make my first article as perfect as can be.  It appears I did in fact make a good impression as my article is the most popular for the day so far—even beat the Darren Rowse interview (he owns ProBlogger and co-founder of b5Media—probably one of the few 7 figure bloggers in existance).

Regardless, I am happy with the results.  I think it is the start of a great time contributing to Performancing, and I am thrilled about it all.

In other news, I am still prepping Tech In Demand for a move to the new server.  I’m still somewhat worried that once I move everything over that my time at the VPS servier is going to turn into a hellish nightmare.  I’m usually optimistic about things, but I haven’t the slightest idea about moving a server and content.  What makes it worse is there is absolutely no support for me on this either.

Trying to think of the worst case scenarios, I came up with the following possibilities:

  1. The server completely fails and my site just comes up as a blank white page or something else
  2. The server works, but the movement of all the data becomes a nightmare and WordPress fails to work.  It then displays a white page or something else.
  3. The move goes well at first, but after awhile of enjoying myself, I realize that there is some error in a database or something else that completely compromises any new data I put on the site.

I think that all of those cover the basis for worst case scenario.  If anything worse happens, I will just be living a nightmare.  Other than that, hopefully everything goes well during the transition!

In other news, I have been bouncing back and forth through my mind trying to decide which MacBook I want to purchase.  More on that later though.

Possibly Going To Write For Performancing

I was actually taking a short nap—which, honestly, turned into a long nap—when I received a message from Ryan Caldwell of Performancing.com asking me if I would like to join the team. Performancing is a site that focuses on helping bloggers to blog.  The site also focuses on search engine optimization, social media, and making money.

I applied for this position only a short while ago with the hopes of being able to join the team.  It appears that my patience might have been worth it after all.  Earlier, Ryan contacted me and asked if I would still like to blog for the site.  I, of course, want to help out.

I have emailed Ryan back and told him I would like to join.  I am hopeful that I will be writing for Performancing soon.  I will keep everyone updated.