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YouTube and The Sucky Uploading Tool

Why the greatest company around repeatedly fails to fix a simple script that uploads videos is beyond me.  Frankly, I see it as an embarrassment to the company.  I for one know that many people have had issues with uploading videos on YouTube.  It does not even require an effort to search online as I talk to people on a daily basis that have had issues.  It is not the users’ fault either.

I just learned that it might be an issue with the latest flash player, but even if that is the case, I have had issues for well over a year now.  I’ve even performed clean installs.  It just makes no sense.

YouTube, a company that supposedly represents some of the best innovation online has never had it right with their upload tool.  Ever since I first joined the site, I have had issues that just baffle me.  YouTube, Google please fix this problem!