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Why I Consider Myself A Technology Guru

So, the past few weeks while looking up information on some mobile devices, laptops, and other technology products on YouTube, I saw many people on the site giving reviews on things.  I saw 12 year olds declaring themselves a “technology master” and “computer genius.”  I just wonder how bad it is really getting with other bloggers.

Anyone can create a website and claim they are an “expert” on any subject.  People—I must make a reference to my general theory of almost everyone being a stupid consumer—will accept anyone as an expert as long as they act as such.  If I went on my technology blog and started asking people what a URL was, I would instantly lose credibility (by the way, the answer is universal resource locator).

Why I consider myself a technology guru in particular, is because I spend many hours of the day researching topics on technology.  The technology sections on Wikipedia read like the Bible to me.  It just fills my thirst to know more about everything.  I love doing this stuff.  I dedicate myself to it.

It all raises a question of what an “expert” or “guru” is.  It just seems odd how people will give anyone authority on any subject without doing the proper research on them.  Whenever I read an article from someone I like, I want to know if they really have the experience and dedication to have their opinion be worthwhile.

After all, when I could write an article about how I think the moon is going to collide with the earth one day, and it makes it on the front page of Digg or Reddit, I think those people should understand that I have almost no knowledge on the subject.  Yet, many people might respect my opinion as if I am a rocket scientist.  It would be stupid of those people to accept my theory!

What is the point of this post?  Well, it is to inform you that all these “experts” and “gurus” are just people.  Anyone can claim to be an expert, but how do you actually qualify someone as one?  You should get to know authors you read constantly, and while every opinion matters, if someone represents himself or herself as an authority, it should be up to the readers to scrutinize them heavily as such.

Bloggers are starting to get messy, and if you are a blogger, I must urge you to check your facts.  Voice your opinion, but back them up with facts as well.  Learn what a journalist is, and try to make strides in telling the truth.  I hate nothing more than seeing someone straight up lie on a blog post.  It makes me feel like my credibility is being shot as a fellow blogger.

I love the topics I talk about.  I love writing.  I love technology.  However, it is not up to me to decide if I am an authority, but it is up to you.  Keep bloggers honest, and keep the industry alive.